July 23rd, 2019


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9:17 Another morning, another mood. I touched the Music directory on the apple that has the iTunes that manages the iPad, and now the iPad needs to be reset to factory settings. I cross my fingers and saved as much data as i think i can, since i don't know if the backups will be there when this mess is cleaned up. I am trying to get off iTunes and have installed a DLNA server to manage media and the VLC client on the phone, my work machine....



Bizarre network errors most of the morning. I joined the 10:30 webex meeting on my iPad, which worked well. By the time the meeting was over i seemed to have network connectivity, and joined the video conference bridge. Within moments there was a power outage and i lost connectivity. I called into the conference bridge while fiddling with network connections.

I'm using my personal machine as a server to run virtual machines on for work and it is not, on a back up power supply. I haven't figured out how to tell the virtual machines to restart when i reboot the machine (because they aren't to be there forever) and so every power blink i'm back getting the machine powered back up, etc.

Meanwhile, my new kit for the office was delivered. I spent the lunch hour setting it up, Collapse ) and i now have an almost ergonomically well set up environment. There are things that are just millimeters off, and i don't know how i was comfortable before, but sooner or later i will nudge everything into just the right place and get fonts the right size and so on.


Then we lost power again. Fortunately i had JUST pulled files off the other system so i could create database diagrams. Power eventually came back, i began the dance with machine and virtual machines again.

Then the keyboard started acting odd. Turns out its batteries are dying. OK, can fix that.

Then i would have periodic drops of the keyboard or the trackball. This is maddening because it all worked seamlessly when the little receiver was plugged in the back of the monitor. The first troubleshooting instruction is to ensure the receiver is plugged directly into the machine, but my new work machine only has the USB-C sockets, not the large familiar USB-A socket. Does Logitech sell receivers for USB-C? No.

It occurred to me that i don't normally have bluetooth running on my iPad, but i had turned it on to act as a second screen yesterday when i was frustrated. Turning it off on the iPad seems it might have helped with many of the drops, i'm turning it off on the laptop as well.

Right, just spent ten minutes cursing the keyboard connection. We'll see if i can stay sane.