July 8th, 2019


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Yesterday managed to be full with Meeting and accompanying my sibs and their kits (and my brother's wife) to Pittsboro's Summerfest. It was definitely a kid-stimulation event and less interesting for adults (admittedly, we skipped the music and laser show). My nephew D was a good sport and took pies in the face and later, suffering from the sticky, asked the dunk tank folks for a couple goes at being dunked.

The storefronts on the little two block main street are shifting a little from funky local upcycling to a little more boutique mass manufactured. My continuing vision of making soft goods from fabrics with surface designs from locally themed photos could still find a home. I need to work out efficient hemming or edging for silk and chiffon scarves as well as for tea towels.

I was happy that the restaurant i picked, The Root Cellar, suited everyone. It's a sort of southern deli with farm-to-fork leanings. The seating area is open enough that we weren't going to feel crowded. Salads for those who wanted (me) or needed (brother N--) them, a turkey Ruben my sister (alpha gal) could have, and a broad selection of beef and poultry to keep the Muslim carnivores happy.

The humidity outside is significant, condensation to the top of the windows. I had a nagging worry about condensation on the external wall board, but surely the point is that is insulated, and the air gap between the wall board and the sheetrock buffers the temperature difference?

Carrie seems better with antibiotics after her digestive upset following the flu shot. Who knew dogs got flu shots?! Ah, outbreaks in NC: https://www.avma.org/KB/Resources/Reference/Pages/Canine-Influenza-Backgrounder.aspx