July 7th, 2019


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I am groggy this morning, partly because i stayed up late watching Unlocked. I didn't pay attention to the beginning of the film while Christine was watching, assuming i would finish editing some photos and go to sleep. Then the action picked up, and i engaged. Reviewers seem to have not found the movie particularly good, but it seemed like a reasonable performance of a espionage/suspense film where the budget didn't cover outrageous locations, dress, and vehicles. What i delighted in was

* how the protagonist CIA agent and her collaboration with the head of MI5 were both competent and believable women,

* how the protagonist as interrogator succeeded by NOT being abusive but skillfully manipulative,

* how the person who was initiating the attacks is a "trust fund" convert to Islam and Collapse ),

* how only Orlando Bloom played the eye candy.

The only negative stereotype unsubverted was for Rottweilers. So, there's that. Well, i suppose Collapse ).

My evening watching was meant only to include an episode of Good Omens which i am enjoying, fairly uncritically. I find myself speculating about how Amazon and Netflix, as studios, seem to be producing such visually lavish stories: i suspect a large CGI budget. The animated openings, including the glorious crown for The Crown to the more comic animation of Good Omens seem hallmarks of the studios, although i was fascinated how in episode 3 of Good Omens the opening credits run half way through the episode.