June 28th, 2019


Still recovering

I'm thankful i took this time off, disappointed i have to use it recovering -- but not surprised. I did dehydrate green beans and a handful of okra yesterday. I also found some advice on what to do with old okra pods here. Since i was stripping out bean and pea pods, stripping out okra pods was no big deal. In rosemary steeped water (used to steam blanch the green beans) i cooked fresh beans, a variety of random peas, and the okra seeds and half of the young okra pods. Lunch for today: we'll see if it's edible. The peas are probably Australian winter peas, remnants of my green mulch that over took the snow peas.

I'm hoping the green beans kick back into productivity with all the heavy pods removed.

My worms, i think, have died, or at least they haven't moved up the stack of food and bedding.

Shall i dig potatoes today? Mow? Weed the flower bed berm? Weed whack?

I don't think i'll end up binging on TV shows like i did yesterday afternoon, because i've remembered to take my antidepressant, Bupropion, which gives me an edge on motivation. I finished the Netflix series High Seas aka Alta Mar, a period mystery that became a bit more soap opera than i prefer. The story isn't finished so i suppose more episodes might come along.

I also finished The Good Witch a cloyingly sweet, small town magic makes everyone better series. I got hooked hoping the witchy part would become a story arc, but no. I kept watching because it was a known quantity that was not depressing even if i found it an incredible fantasy laced with feel good moralizing, with incredibly challenging relationship problems resolving in one or two nights at the Grey House Inn. OMG the wealth needed to make the story plausible. Everyone's businesses just thrive unless it's part of the moral point.