June 14th, 2019


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Flight almost as expected but with better food and "landscape cameras"- a video feed of the airscape forward from the plane and the landscape under.

Success switching sim card!

Syncing data on the bus from the airport wasn't quite as successful. I've odd behavior with Evernote on the data signal. I Expect it will be better on wifi.

The transfer from subway to bus to - go to the ferry and Stash my luggage has not gone as well as I would wish. Too many bus shelters. I missed one and then there seems to be a major delay with the next. Not the most lovely place to wait but I have a seat. ( And given my .sleep deficit: Whatever.)

-__ TIME PASSES -- -

Ok, when the arrival time came and was changed the third time I got a cab. Expensive stashing of luggage, but now I have my boarding pass and know when I can go to my room. I have walked 12k steps from the ferry to downtown and need to leave enough foot energy to get to the ferry bypassing the stop with the missing connection.

There are many cyclists, few wearing helmets. Also scooters. Also sort of use your best judgement at intersections- few stoplights. I am going to drive here?! OMG

The afternoon is quite beautiful-- great light.