May 1st, 2019


Tired, peopled out

This past weekend i unexpectedly discovered a dear friend and partner were driving down the eastern seaboard and would be able to stop for a visit. So we made arrangements on Sunday, i spent the whole Monday evening inside tidying (woo, there's a table under all that stuff in the kitchen!), and Christine did the same yesterday. B-- and K-- arrived yesterday at 3:30 and we hung out until i had to get to work. There was a night's sleep in there, but a little shorter than i am used to. K-- is relatively extroverted and was also up at 6 am, so we chatted all morning over tea. I have escaped to work and am trying to scrape focus up from somewhere.

I have to lead a working group in an hour and a half and am horrified at the thought.

... done, lunch time walk outside & meal, comix read, more caffeine consumed....

Ugh, i don't think well. I can't believe this is merely due to getting 6.5 hours sleep vs my usual seven plus hours. There is also the being "on" from 3:30 in the afternoon yesterday to 8:30 this morning excepting only sleep and the necessary. Christine and i both reflect on how very very quiet we are.

It's possible we absorbed some of the emotions B-- & K-- were carrying back. I was unaware just how sick K-- is, on a waiting list for a pancreas and kidney. I knew K--'s sister had died and they were returning from helping the husband and kids. K's sister had apparently been hiding similar health issues which lead to a death that was unexpected by everyone. The sister was apparently also a hoarder, didn't teach the kids (youngest 14) to cook and clean, and generally had had a dysfunctional household with her blind husband. That's a nontrivial amount of issues with which to deal. Christine and i are both pretty open people, so we may have taken on some of their emotional baggage, even though they weren't expressing any emotional drama.

--== ∞ ==--

The outside tour revealed that the pitcher plant's first blossom is fully open. The clump of pitchers is ragged, but the flower hangs from a shepherd's hook shaped stem like a dark red lantern. The cranberries near by have tiny blossoms on the low growing stems. Venus' looking-glass (Triodanis perfoliata) which has foot high "weedy" single stems, which i was ripping out a few weeks ago before i realized i was confusing them with Persian speedwell, a winter non-native weed. Venus' looking-glass is a lovely blue-purple five-pointed star of a flower. It's not "showy" but it could actually be noticed in a vase, unlike the native forget-me-not.