January 23rd, 2019


Draft Sanitized Message

Drafting a message to family & mom's friends will have to stand in for journaling today. The messages need to be delicately sanitized so as to not be misinterpreted and to not violate my mom's privacy. But, but, but....

I was very upset Tuesday morning after a Monday evening call from my sister and father. They found Mom terrified that she had been abandoned. They helped address that misunderstanding, but it's still hard. Mom's ongoing attitude and apparent cognitive gaps in understanding worry me. My sister is wrangling minister visits in hope of some emotional therapy. We continue to try and find a trained therapist.

Seeing Mom last night was a little reassuring -- more to see how little improvements have been made in the space than to see any change with her. But she was lovely and kind in thanking me for the help and problem solving i was attempting.

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