January 14th, 2019


Music happiness

Last night Christine called me over to the keyboard to do vocal practice, which counts as practice for her. We did some chromatic exercises, and then i asked if we could do blues scale practice. Again, good practice for her, and WOW, the blues scale is so much more fun. Christine says i have a normal two octave range but she was surprised that i am a contralto. I'm not surprised!\

Anyhow, it was a delight to do vocal practice with her.

The practices are based around the practices from "Voice Lessons To Go" by Ariella Vaccarino. I bought and used those some years ago while commuting to work as a way to relax. Doing the practices again brought to mind the lanes of dense traffic going up 101 to San Mateo.

This morning Christine found the youtube recording of three sisters (the eldest was 14 at the time) playing Enter Sandman. What a rocking cover! So, i've tracked down their band's site, The Warning, shed a few tears of delight over their story, and bought their first studio LP, XXI CENTURY BLOOD. I'm thinking of asking for their second album on vinyl, autographed, for my birthday.