January 2nd, 2019


Whole conversations

I wrote this email to my siblings, father, and aunt last night to celebrate the conversations i had with my Mom. Collapse )

--== ∞ ==--

I sobbed when i got home, Christine suggests it was relief. And that is probably much of it, although knowing more from Mom about her angers and frustrations does make that a bit more real.

I am also anxious about the training today. I think my worries are

1) wondering if there are too many of us taking the training,
2) and the corollary of my aunt's presence in the dynamics of the discussions with the doctor.
3) Will the training anticipate all of our questions and needs? The care has been proactive so far, educating us, without us needed to fight and advocate.
4) Will we recognize what we need to know that is not covered?

5) What sort of care and coaching will Mom need 24/7? Will my sister and i be able to work from my folk's house and actually work while meeting needs?

All to unfold, and much to be answered today.