December 30th, 2018


Wettest year on record locally

It's the wettest year on record! ..., and we are at 59.2" of liquid precip. And we still have a few days to go in 2018... #ncwx
— Don Schwenneker (@BigweatherABC11) December 28, 2018

Well, this makes me very glad i got my rain gauge in March. Since i began keeping records on March 11, i've measured 63.06" of precipitation - that's more even without the precipitation of January and February. I'd been suspicious that where i was is wetter than at the airport and now i know we are.

I am glad we got the rain "garden" in this year: i would imagine that we would wash our driveway away if the roof run off had been pouring down it. At this point, the garden is just rain earthworks, a square basin with three raised areas to force the water to take a sinuous route to the overflow. I hope i get plants from the seeding.

Everything outside is like a wet sponge. Ugh

Well, all this rain should stop when i get the rain tank catchment set up and my sister gets her rain gauge up.

Skimming the headlines about the record wet year i read that last year was the warmest on record for North Carolina. Here's hoping to less exciting years to come (although i don't expect that to be the case unless the US & China get serious about restricting carbon emissions).


Another bit of Yule

My sister waved me off from going up to see Mom yesterday, so with a little bit of energy i tried to make the most of the day. I hemmed two tea towels as gifts, trying not to be too much of a perfectionist about it. I think i'm getting the hang of the miter seam at the corners.

We had Christine's sister & her husband over for dinner. I'd bought Alaskan black cod (aka sablefish*) when i bought the salmon, so we served that with a salad (out of a bag). D-- brought cheesy grits made with blue corn, and that made a delightful meal. We will have my Dad and mom's sister over on New Year's eve with lasagna from a nearby restaurant: an unusual round of entertaining for us!

Christine's not feeling great this morning - the cold i've had is probably taking a toll on her.

I've a sense of urgency about getting organized and clear about next priorities. I don't know how much of an impact Mom's care will have on me. I think i probably have the capacity if i become better at time management.

I don't think i mentioned it but i recently read a NY Times article on "The Brain Fog of Menopause." I've been aware since before we moved of a sense that i was slower, that things took longer, and i'd just written it off to the inevitability of aging. The thought that a mental sharpness might return on a rebound is delightful and wonderful.

*I'd also seen it sold as butterfish in California, but looking up "butterfish" on line it seems a common name for a number of species, some of which seem unappetizing.