December 25th, 2018


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First, Mom looks great. More light in her eyes, more curiosity. More strength. A few more words. A long way to go. Some reading helps me to believe they are sending her home because there are good rehab outcomes for people at home, not because that's that.

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I was well enough to commit the entree extravaganza. Yesterday i prepared sauces and rice stuffings, which was a couple hours in the kitchen getting everything prepared and packaged to go. Today i sliced a long slit along the belly edge of the two sides of coho salmon. One i stuffed with wild rice, celery and shallots, and cranberries sauced with juniper and rosemary. I applied a rub of ground fresh rosemary and juniper and laid it on a bed of rosemary. The other i stuffed with mixed rices, celery, onion, and shallots, capers, and added a lemon caper sauce. It was laid on a bed of lemons and then more lemon slices applied. At my sister i poured a glaze over them and baked. Voila! Food. It was well appreciated, and i feel a little pride that i pulled off making up recipes and having them be not horrible. I mean, it's audacious to do something like that and i was afraid i'd make the salmon resinous and unpalatable, but no -- tart cranberries, the sweetness of added sugar, the juniper-rosemary resinous sharpness all worked well together.

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I'm currently feeling exhausted and drained. I don't feel like it's been that much, but i guess i am still recovering.