December 6th, 2018


Pear cranberry custard pie

I made "pear cranberry sauce" custard pie yesterday to use up some very ripe, small pears and some heavy whipping cream. At lunch i cut up the pears while chatting with my Dad, poured a random amount of wine over them and simmered. I wasn't happy with the resulting color, so i tossed in a good number of cranberries. I thought the pears would be so sweet that they would defeat the cranberries, but no, the end result was heavily tart cranberry flavor. (Also added cinnamon, ginger, and clove in random amounts)

This was at least two cups worth of sauce that i substituted for apple sauce in this applesauce custard pie. I mixed the sauce with the cup of sugar before realizing the sauce was added last, so i used a half cup of sugar to cream with the egg and butter.

Next time, i should cream the sugar & butter THEN add the egg. When i poured the mixture in with the sauce i realized i still had bits of butter unblended that had sunk to the bottom.

The pie didn't seem to set up as much as i expected: perhaps i should have reserved the juice that separated from the sauce. Still, quite festive and yummy. I'm thinking breakfast.....


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