December 3rd, 2018



I woke with the name "Khashoggi" on my mind. I had a vague memory of the dream, with the usual focus mainly on logistics -- something about selling a car before traveling or emigrating to act as a correspondent. There was someone in discussion identified as a reporter who had been the initial person to reveal [what?] about Al Qaeda.... i really don't know why my brain was leaning on journalism for a dream.

It wasn't an easy night's sleep. Christine had helped dig the holes for trees on Sunday afternoon, and she dug a huge hole for the two mulberries. I sure hope one is male and the other is female. I suppose if they are both female i can graft male branches to one of the trees. She also dug a nice hole for one of the paw-paws. I dug the other paw-paw a hole with the post hole digger: it wasn't as large. I think she overworked herself and by bed time she was feverish. Fortunately, she woke feeling much better this morning.

Anyhow, i hope we find paw-paws and red mulberries somewhat appealing. The main goal is getting a native plants "ark" within the fence from which to repopulate the woods, but having fruit we like would also be lovely.