November 21st, 2018


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I managed to give myself things to do Monday & Tuesday and got the majority done. I want to give myself room to slide because instead of an cleaning chore Monday evening, i made pan seared cod sandwiches for the post grocery dinner. Christine usually makes dinner so it was a bit more doing than average. Tuesday evening i didn't change the sheets because of Adorable Cats on The Bed.

The main thing i am proud of was that i finally made a step towards getting the garage organized. We have much stuff just as it was when the movers left it, but dirtier. I assembled some shelving and got the recycling bins on it, plus the new giant ice chest & water cooler that now make up part of our hurricane supplies.

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I've also cut fabric into the sections i need for a hassock cover. This was barely substantial work, but it was a start. The hassock is covered in an off white cover that is becoming more clay colored every day, as it's where Carrie sleeps a good part of the day.

Anyhow, incremental shifts towards doing stuff that is not outside or work. Being sick for over two months was conducive to sitting around. Now it's a bit of a habit. I'm actually watching things independent of our evening "watch something over dinner" and that's not helping. Tonight i need to sew the hassock cover!