October 29th, 2018


88502 seeds, 71 six-cell planting packs

This weekend was very very quiet as i focused on not doing anything that would make me cough. I have a side worry about depression-esque behaviors (avoiding contact with people), but i am treating myself as sick until the cough is resolved.

Friday brought nearly two inches of rain, and that night Christine watched the entire World Series game on Friday night in all its epic extent.

Saturday morning was very quiet as Christine caught up on sleep. I spent a great deal of it going through my seed orders and planning out all the seeding activities i need to undertake over the next months. Creating or updating evernote species pages for all the potential plants and working out the planning spreadsheets took much of the day and i was still fiddling into Sunday. Apparently i've 88.5 thousand flower seeds, many of these are meant to broadcast over the orchard and not to plant one by one. Nonetheless, there's a pretty large number of seedling pots i calculated i'd need. The good news is much of this seed will remain viable in the fridge: i don't need to plant the flowers i mean to start in pots all this year.

My next step for gardening is to buy a very big bag of vermiculite, a fluffy version of mica that is often used in potting soils. I'll use the vermiculite to mix with the wild flower seeds i intend to scatter over the orchard area to help distribute them more evenly.