October 24th, 2018


Exhausted (asthmatic coughing continues)

Monday & Tuesday were intense workdays when i worked -- i took a few hours off Tuesday morning to be "sick," that is, deal with feeling exhausted. And this morning i haven't really gotten up. And it's almost noon. I was hoping to plant some trees.... I think i'll make some leaf raking and seed scattering a goal. Maybe Saturday i'll be up to tree planting.

It's lovely out there! So i go out in it.

I do worry that depression is lurking, but the coughing is incontrovertible. Solve that, then move on.

Yesterday i had a pleasant call with a recruiter, and i felt copetent and delighted to be considered for an "assistant director" position. Today i wrote and said, no. It is really hard to think of a gig that would be better than what i have now. The only think i wish for is that the teams who build our systems had more staff, and that might happen if we make a good business case. So....

It is an incredible blessing to have had my work situation turn around so delightfully. It's not perfect, but it's really close to it!