October 20th, 2018


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Well, that was exhausting.

Wednesday i went on my little jaunt to the pine savanna, which was a good restorative, good walk, and i -- of course -- tripped and fell very early on. I'm glad it was early so i wasn't hot or tired and i probably managed the fall more safely. Wonderfully, the new pants didn't rip. Talbots, you have my business. Still, my right ankle twinges, and my knee is scraped. On the whole, good to do, but i'm complaining about the trip and fall here because Christine will worry more than she does already.

Thursday i facilitated the session that i needed to facilitate. Collapse )

I returned to my room Thursday and tried reading Atwood's Oryx and Crake. I deduced the last thing i needed was last-human-on-earth fiction. I think this was at the point where the main character was remembering back to his mother leaving him and taking his pet. RIGHT. NOPE. Don't need anything that triggers missing my Love and my fuzzies any more than the baseline undercurrent. Discworld, again, to amuse me.

Friday was just a couple more sessions, Collapse )

The last session is a "thank you" ceremony where members of the community thank other members of the community. It being my first time attending, i was happy to be quiet. I was wondering if i would ever be involved long enough that i would be part of the community -- this being my first attendance to this conference. I was thinking of this working group i am co-chairing, and then a colleague on the standards committee (who probably nominated me to the advisory board) thanked me. It certainly triggers every "aw shucks" that i have in me, and it makes me yet again reflect on how i feel "outsider" long after everyone else sees me as a fixture. Top of list for therapy session, i think, this recurring belief i am invisible and sense that i don't know others, either.

The afternoon jaunt up to the town of Apopka for lunch and driving the Lake Apopka wildlife road with my aunt and uncle was just the thing. After leaving them i continued to the Green Mountain Scenic Overlook and Trailhead which is apparently on the Lake Wales ridge but nowhere near the highest spot in Florida. I then drove to my hotel through a stretch of state forest, avoiding major highways and significant sprawl. It was lovely.

I now need to zip and get ready for today's driving and visits: my grandmother in a retirement community across Tampa Bay from St Petersburg, and a friend from grad school up in Gainesville.

Home tomorrow!