October 11th, 2018


Every now and then i think i'll develop a subject habit.

Wednesday's work begins: what are all these meetings! Yikes.

Tuesday was not as productive a day as i needed, so i planned to use Wednesday morning for getting some things done for Thursday. I came in to find some meetings i needed to prepare for at a run. This is just the thing that drives me into little self distraction, self destruction patterns.

We aren't as prepared for power outages with Michael as we were with Florence. Post Florence we bought a big water "cooler" so we've got that partly filled with water. Collapse )

I look out at the haze of green that is beginning to cover the bare dirt, and think back to the bright green a month ago, grieving. And i think of the hard clay and the holes the trees are in. I'm thankful this should just be one day. Fall arrives in the wake of this storm, with the humidity and temperatures dropping.

If there are frosts before i get back from my conference trip, with floating row covers and my new "greenhouse" arriving while i am gone, i will be miffed. Average first frost date is Oct 30th, i am back on the 21st.

Last night i went out with my parents to the League of Women Voters presentation. Collapse )

The venue wasn't intended to be partisan. It says something to me about the state of politics that it seemed that way.