August 13th, 2018


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Happy things:

a cat refuge will take all of Greycie's left over meds.

Six deer were in the east yard yesterday. We saw them grazing near the fence and in the thicket. As they left the thicket we realized more had been to the side of the house. Eventually i counted two does, two fawns. (which both nursed at one of the does -- OUCH, pushy!), and two young bucks. While they passed at the edge of the garden, i think they were more focused on fallen wild grapes.

My plan for clearing the thicket is to coppice some trees so that there will be browse at deer level, and probably will need to plant cover crops for years to deal with the stilt grass. They do like grazing the tops of the buckwheat.

--== ∞ ==--

Yesterday "i shoulda" gone to Meeting or work or both, but instead i went through back stacks of digital files. I made significant progress, i am happy to say, at my lowest total yet, since using an online spreadsheet to keep track (airtable allows for an easy form to speed recording).

But i'm running late now....