August 11th, 2018


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Went out with the kiddos (my sister's kids, W & E) last night to see a band play in the mill town of Bynum last night. Bynum is home of "the critter guy" and an arts festival on the bridge, so this little southern hamlet is becoming pricy down home real estate. When the general store closed, the village bought it and turned it into a neighborhood center. They have summer evening concerts and i've meant to go since before moving here. Now that i've gone once, i think i will go again -- probably at the end of the month. Looks like classic blue grass and i bet my folks would come.

I want to just stay inside and poke at my plans for gardening and not deal with the muddy, steamy outside. I will minimally pull stiltgrass though. I figure that's part of not loosing on other time investments. I feel i ought to be planting for the fall, but i know i will just be shoving seeds in dirt willy-nilly. But maybe that's OK.

I did splurge and buy tree collards yesterday. Tree collards! Also a sterile Russian comfrey. I need to figure out a good place to establish it -- probably in the woods with the native (and perennial) wild sunflower yellow crownbeard. I borrowed a huge permaculture tome from the library and i just want to dwell in the book. And then when i'm in the book, i want to be planning.

I am thinking of a Richters order as well. June was so horrible that i lost the spring ordered plants. Fall is really the best time to establish perennials here, so i really ought to order now.

I have been surfing the clearance plants at the big box store. This past Wednesday the PowWow bright pink echinacia was half off: score!

I've been a member of Dave's Garden for years, but haven't paid for a subscription. I did so yesterday. I'm not sure the site is as lively as i would wish, but ... we'll see?

And there, spend spend spend. Who knew antidepressants might also be anti spending pills?