August 9th, 2018


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With the inch and three quarters of rain last night, we've had over eight inches of rain this past week. And i was already sick of rain. Fortunately, we're in a rain-at-night pattern, so the sun had time to dry things out a little during the day.

I bought the electric pipe heating cord that was out of stock in January when our pump froze. It was pleasant to think back to the week when it never got above freezing. I thought then that it would be hard to believe in the cold in August, and yep.

I do not need this solar oven but it sure seems nifty. I've been wishing after some of the high tech wood burning portable stove things, like this one for years. With all the wood around here, it seems like a good idea. Instead i have spent far more than that on a chipper. I decided yesterday that i want a nice pile of wood chips under the picnic table so i will chip the appropriate sized sticks in the woodpile. The autumn olive cuttings at this time of year have all the leaves (and berries, sigh) and so are a more compostable mix of nitrogen and carbon.