July 28th, 2018


A week of ... i'm not sure

We've had plenty of rain this week, with that link going to a view of the spreadsheet where i am tracking my readings. I looked at my measurements and compared to average rain fall by month for the county: if i recall, this month and May have had average amounts of rain, and the other months were quite dry. This has inspired me to review my plan for rain collection. I discovered IBC totes: 275 and 330 gal containers used to ship liquids. Craiglist for the area lists them, not as cheaply as in other areas, but the project will end up being less expensive than what i was originally planning with much more capacity. And potentially more aesthetic, unless i simply paint them black.

At some point (Monday?) we bought me a new chair for my personal desk. It had had a $25 Craig's List chair that was adequate. We took Carrie to the dog park, and then continued into Staples, where i picked out a chair on sale. Turns out it was no longer at that sale price, but the manager honored the tag even though there was tiny print delineating the dates for the sale.

I had back pain off and on.

I had therapy, which was a short session because i just didn't have that much to say. The conclusion was i am doing well off the SSRI (as of Jul 21st). The week before had had roller coaster qualities between family visit, new fence work, losing internet access, and Grecie's death. Also, a long stretch of grey skies, which probably triggered my SAD. One thing i had observed is that i was buying more stuff. Not junk, but things like a chair so i will enjoy working at my photography desk and a new sewing machine so i would actually sew. The grief and the recovery from the drama of the previous week makes judging the drug's absence hard. For example, the lack of journaling and some other behaviors don't please me, but at the end of the week, when i got some bright light, i seemed to be getting back to myself.

The week had enough of its own drama: the crew working on the fence install Thursday and Friday triggered some trust issues and one of them smoked. Ugh. I've only found one cigarette butt so far, and they aren't done so i recognize they might have some clean up planned.... Still, ugh.

On the other hand, the area is enclosed and Carrie can run wild! And dig. She's going to become brick red. Insert worries about the fescue getting established in September, here. Carrie chased Edward in her exuberance and Edward ran -- this was not good and took the blush of the delight.

If you leave a watermelon in a dark closet for a month it isn't that delicious when you get around to eating it. Good compost, though.

I removed many of the trombonicino squash leaves today and sprayed with copper in hopes of staving off the worst of the powdery mildew. It's incredibly humid, which encourages the mildew growth. I trust new leaves will be put forth. I don't know if the fruit growth will stop or what, but the ground has a chance of drying out without the canopy of leaves, as well.

Dad and Mom dropped off Roma tomatoes and okra before they drove to Florida for my step-grandmother's funeral. I've used the dehydrator to put up some of both (two trays each before drying). Food tastes really good when its just out of the dehydrator.

In one of the recent showers, a stunted corn stalk fell over, so i picked its small ear and -- oh my, it has beautiful color! https://photos.app.goo.gl/UGax9tc47sRX2UR29 I need to look for the photo of the seed i planted. I can't believe all the ears will be as consistently garnet hued as this one, but it's pretty impressive if they are.

It turns out that the meteorological definition of "shower" has more accumulated precipitation per hour than "rain", but a shower will be of much more limited duration. The next ten days call for "scattered thunderstorms."