July 7th, 2018


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We woke to the sound of a nice steady rain. What luxury! Carrie was on her bed beside the bed and stayed after i stirred. I said hello to Greycie Loo on the porch, and she was inside curled up next to Christine the next time i looked. The boy-os sprawled at the foot of the bed.

Rain fell.

It was good.

We finally have a diagnosis for Greycie Loo. Collapse ) She has s few months at best. We'll enjoy her company as long as she is comfortable in giving it to us.

We have a new removable plate waffle maker, and i just tried making grilled cheese in it. Next time i'll stay within a single waffle instead of using the center. Much of the pimento cheese spread went spilling out, which is why i would have never attempted this in our old waffle maker. Next experiment will be to make Almojábanas (Colombian Cheese Bread) in it. (Gluten free decadence.) I have another gluten free recipe i like with either creamed corn or pumpkin adding moist tenderness. I hope to make that a little more often as a way to increase my gluten free options for sandwiches and similar nibbles.

Belgian waffles, not gluten free, were how we initiated use of the iron: they were wonderful, even if from a mix.