July 2nd, 2018


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Greycie has been spending a great deal of time in the screened in porch. I hope the warmth outside is comforting. We worry. I pout a little over how her coat was shaved and worry it won't grow back, thinking back on GreyBeard's last months. I don't know if Greycie took any more pride in her appearance than any other cat, but i've been so smitten with her very symmetric cap and cape markings.... Still, she looks lovely.

Dear Deer (and Rabbits),




Orchard work!

One thing i did this weekend was fiddle with images i'd taken of the orchard area. Since i use the panoramic feature on the phone, the images aren't nearly as consistent, image to image, as i would like -- distortions due to wobbly sweeps etc. But, i think they're close enough to make some judgement regarding clearing progress. On the other hand, the seasonal changes and the different light exposures really make comparisons hard.

A cycle of panoramic scenes of our orchard-to-be area from early February through late June 2018
Link to the larger image