June 25th, 2018


Happy to be home: highlights version

Saturday i was out of the house a good bit. After a quiet morning that included some potato digging, i picked up my nephew and we went to the Durham Comic Fest at a library in Durham as a very early birthday gift. That went well, except for the hot drive home (blasting air conditioner, but still, i think the time while i had the engine off to gas up the car may have been problematic for W). I had a nice visit with my sister, then home. Back out we went so i Christine could take care of a friend's plants and i walked Carrie along a creek trail in the friend's neighborhood. Then we picked up dinner out. Elephants came and went.

Spent much of my time yesterday smoothing out the path between the berms and dealing with the grade there. Small retaining wall around the tulip poplar. Planted rescued ferns, partridge berry, and some some small plants that look like they were not-a-weed* in the shady northish side of the south berm. Planted sale plants from Lowes on the near end of the north berm. (*Might be Smilacina sp -- Solomon's plume?)

So. Tired. (Although not as stiff as i was last night after dinner and Poirot.)

The clay is like gravel and stone right now, depending on the clod size. I hope rain will glue together the large clods with which i lined the banks, and stabilize the areas that are inches deep with the gravel sized clods. The tractor treads are smoothed out. I'm delighted while i'm doing the work, and then i look up and survey the 10000 sq ft and realize i still have tons to do.

And so hot. 97°F.

Greycie Loo continues to seem unhappy (hissing and growling and moving slowly). Perhaps even smaller and lighter, poor wisp of a dear thing. She's cuddling this morning.

Christine was side swiped on the road by an aggressive driver. I didn't notice the damage to the car -- she says just paint scrape -- but it is distressing. She got the guy's plates.

Elephants came and went.

Somewhat overwhelmed at the prospect of having company Wednesday night.

Hoping that the prediction of almost an inch of rain tonight is on target -- but then i need to get seed out there....