June 17th, 2018


Party with the parents

I indulged Christine and my mother for a father's day celebration at the city-prices seafood restaurant in Pittsboro in the old post office. Dad would be delighted to eat out of a concrete block shack off of newspaper on a picnic table, but i do think the food is well cooked at the Postal Fish Company. Everyone but myself ordered the shrimp, which are North Carolina coast shrimp, and all seemed pleased. I ordered a dinner, substituting potato salad for dirty (sausagy) rice as the side for the cat fish. Also, the key lime pie and blue berry buckle were just divine.

Anyhow, the miracle of allowing us to pay the bill occurred, so there's that. I think my parents enjoyed being treated? I hope so.

It's the second time of our three visits to the restaurant that we've been sat in the rock wall corner. I promise i will remember to make reservations in advance and ask NOT to be sat in the impossible-to-hear zone. I like the coziness of the corner, but what with the rock walls and the polished concrete floor, no one could hear a thing.

Morning was yard work. The hippy dude came by to talk about the fencing and wasted at least 45 minutes of our 75 min chatting. I got the pitch to put sealer on our siding again, to which, NO. His fence design has a less than well designed cat fence solution. I think his solution for the front facing part of the fence might be more attractive than the fencing company guys. I'm really not excited about either team.

I told the grading guys i would chip the tree tops and we could keep the logs of the sweet gums they cut down. Christine was not pleased with that decision and looking at the mound of poison ivy intermixed branches stripped by machine from the trees.... well it would have been far more aesthetic not to have this mess dumped in the meadow. Also, the logs are much longer than 8' and thus Christine was out trying to cut them into manageable lengths. I don't want her to feel she has to do that, but she's so irritated by the jumbled pile that one can see when one drives up: she wants it out of sight.

I tried getting some of the berms ready to plant in by piling the clods on the sides and evening out the tops. I encountered one very large black spider that creeped me out to no end and one black toad who should find the clods a good home once some plants are growing. I collected one wheelbarrow full of roots and graded a short stretch of path between the berms. There were some large roots in that path from a massive stump i didn't want pulled up, and thus there was a little drainage issue to address. I dug a drain under the root and lined the tiny drain with rocks, covered it with more rocks and hopefully created my own little culvert.

The hard clay in that path area seems unlikely to EVER sustain any higher plant life and i think it's too sunny for the moss that is under the dogwood at the head of the path-ette. I grow curious: do i have enough woody matter to chip enough chips for our landscape?

I'd like very much to work outside today, but 10-noon and later is Meeting and Meeting for Business, and i have to leave for the airport at 6 pm. Both time slots i should not be a sweaty, stinky, clay-covered thing.

Summer is here. Ugh.