June 11th, 2018


(no subject)

- i have an ulcer on my tongue. I am trying not to project out two weeks of misery. It will probably clear up in a day or so.

- i am worried about whether i have enough spoons to share with Christine for the next three weeks: we theoretically have land clearing this week and are uncertain what that will entail. Probably NOTHING but Christine is anxious and now i am too, so it looms over this week. Then i go to Ohio, which is fine but will be hard on Christine. And then the week i come back i'm having women from Meeting over. And i'm all aware that our home is a cozy nest for two and we are barely practiced having one person over let alone a mystery number.

Anyhow, it's silly anxiety and it will all be fine, but i'm a-dither.

- i used a sling blade on overgrowth -- evil stilt grass-- yesterday. It was extremely effective and quite a work out and -- so sore. I got discouraged about planting any seed in the area i cleared assuming it is so dry, then we got a quarter inch of rain last night. Be bold, self, be bold! Something will hang around in the seed bank to fight the stilt grass.

- Carrie jumped into bed with us last night when the storm came through. She was quite possibly trained NOT to get into bed in her previous life because when one of us move our feet under the covers she skedaddles away.

It's always delightful to find spell check has colloquialisms like "skedaddles" included.