June 10th, 2018


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Yesterday we met with fence guy #2. Fence guy #1 seems mostly intent on giving us what we asked for, not improving on it. Fence guy #2 seems mostly intent on asking us to take the cat requirement out of the picture. On the other hand, once we gave him a consulting fee, he's going to do some research.

I suspect my cover crop of buckwheat will bloom before we have a fence. (Buckwheat is a quick cover crop, so that's not an exaggeration. I figure i'll seed by the end of the week, then it's 35 to 40 days.

We now have a hen named Alice. Alice is 5' 4" tall and made in Mexico. We named her Alice because my niece was with us on Friday when we picked the sculpture out at the fantastic little shop French Connection. (Should be "African, Mexican, and French Connection" as most of the interior is filled with African arts and crafts, the yard is filled with Mexican metal work, and then there are bolts of fantastic French textiles, tablecloths, napkins and tea towels from Provance.) The hen is named Alice (Cooper) since school's out for summer for niece E.

Last night's dinner included a salad foraged from the garden. In a few weeks i'll have tomatoes to add, but we had loose leaf and romaine lettuces (Parris Island Romaine is my hero), slivers of purple cabbage, slivers of the tiny carrots which are yellowish, slivers of tiny deep red beets, and slices of the tiny chioggia beets. The purple cabbage isn't as deep as grocery store red cabbage, but has a fascinating coloration with green and purple and -- i can't recall the technical term for the hazy blue cast that some leaves have? The cabbages seem to be almost making heads in the garden. Apparently phosphorous would encourage this (soil is deficient) as well as water and cool temperatures (yea, so going from cold to hot without a real spring is no help).

The carrots and beets make me aware that i really need to get more organic matter in the soil if i am ever going to have large root vegs.

I went through my seeds and have identified some packets to find places to plant. The squash (Tromboncino, that can be eaten like a summer squash as well as a winter squash), melon (Minnesota Midget), and (finally sprouting) nasturtium seem to be coming along. I think i will seed some crookneck squash where some herbs seem to have failed to sprout. Last night i put in a few cucumbers.

Plants are on sale at the garden stores. I bought four "bulbs" of "Cheyenne Spirit" Echinacea purpurea. I would have preferred "PowWow" (which is from the same breeder), but this bag of roots is less than the single plants i saw for sale. I also picked up a cranberry plant (with cranberries!) for the rain garden. I haven't had a marigold germinate yet, so i picked up two very sad 6-packs. There were some other sad plants as well, and everything looks much happier well watered and in the air conditioning. I hope they forgive me when i plant them outside.