May 7th, 2018


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I think i'm on the track for healing, so that's reassuring.

An iris bloomed Friday morning. The azaleas outside my front room window -- where i sit all day -- have fully bloomed. I think the Carolina Wrens are done with their nest. I'm sad to think i missed them fledging. On the other hand, i can get all the sensors out of the green house and take down the plastic. It's hard to believe it was 34°F last Monday morning, i repeat, with the next ten days predicted to have 50s to 90s. The thermostat has switched from heating to air conditioning. No reprieve.

The weekend threatened rain, but none of the localized thunderstorms deigned to visit our skies. The cloud cover did keep things moderately tolerable, even if humid. I was outside much earlier than usual on Saturday morning, which worked out well. I don't feel i got that much done, but i suspect i did lots of little maintenance tasks, in between. Christine and i also had a nice visit on the front porch, where a tufted titmouse boldly approached us so that they could pull strands of coir out of the hanging basket liners.

Saturday evening we planned to celebrate our friend J-- D--'s 50th birthday. Christine had bought a lovely gift that came in a rather large box. I recalled that the thrift store was a good place to get gift wrap on the cheap, and found the perfect wrapping paper and curling ribbon. That plus a three dollar shirt to wear as a jacket over a sleeveless dress i have came to five dollars. I spent more than that on the card in the drug store, selecting a goofy singing and animated card while listening to another couple exclaiming over the card prices. (Yikes, yikes, and yikes, i agreed.)

Just before we went off to dinner i walked Carrie and ended the walk by twisting my weak, right ankle and falling on my knee with the prepatellar bursitis. (That plus my mouth - geeze Louise.)

The celebrations of my and Christine's birthday with J-- and spouse L-- had been just the four of us. At J-'s brother's funeral a few weeks ago, we bumped into F-- and spouse D--. I didn't know F-- but he had been J--'s and Christine's dungeon master in long ago years of D&D. Christine had suggested they join us, so dinner had a sort of awkward getting to know one another energy.

I rousted myself for Sunday worship. Public Friend Chuck Fager first read from George Moses Horton's autobiographical note of his enslavement and teaching himself to read. I was expecting mostly waiting worship, but Chuck brought a message about Wisdom, and talked about the book of Proverbs. I have not been enthused about that book, as it evinces the sort of eye rolling as does Polonious in Hamlet. I feel a little more curious about it now in a "more things change the more they stay the same" sort of way.

Sunday evening i went to my folks to celebrate their anniversary with them. I may regret explaining a little about Christine's elephants to them as her absence now receives a response of "Please tell her ..." and so on, which is no help. While i was there i began attempts of air layering their magnolia tree, and one attempt with a camellia. Not as easy as it looks online with the sun beating down on my back and wrestling with the thick magnolia foliage.

This morning i am apparently off to a slow start, but since i've been away from the computer all weekend, i needed to spill all this out.

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Sign of the impending internet apocolypse?

There's a beautiful iPad weather app from the Weather Underground called "Storm." It shows wind vectors, fronts, storm tracks, radar in an intuitive interface, which is also ad free because i've been a Weather Underground subscriber for eons (since 2006).

Today there's a notice that the app will be shut down on May 23 to be replaced with a lousy dumbed down app. Which has ads.

I believe that the coming shifts to protect privacy rights are good for citizens. I don't think the internet will behave the same on Friday May 25th as it has been. I don't know if this weather application shift is due to to the GDPR: my suspicion is that the Weather Channel brand is winning and they only wanted to deal with updating one of many apps.

The best hope is that random websites will just have blank spaces instead of ads because the webmasters did not get around to updating code for the ad networks. That would be a lovely outcome.

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