April 30th, 2018


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I did not develop a full blown cold over the weekend, but i think it was a close call. I hilled many of the potatoes, some with biochar, some with clay. I am a very haphazard gardener at this stage of the season. That used about 75% of my spoons. In my nifty suspenders i zipped over to my sister's to drop off collards and herbs. Everyone but niece E was out: she gave me a bit of a tour starting with the rapidly growing chicks.

I don't usually get lunch out, but i stopped at the BBQ place to get a flounder sandwich. I made the mistake of also getting a small serving of hushpuppies (a fried cornbread delicacy) and onion rings. I didn't finish the onion rings and will toast them as salad toppings sooner or later. I spent the rest of the afternoon on the lounge in the screened back porch while Christine had a documentary collaboration meeting.

Sunday was my last day leading worship, and i am happy to have that over. I do enjoy pulling the elements together to create a whole, but the performance anxiety -- while lower than last October -- still is more than i want.

We ended up going out to lunch (again!) and, since we were up that way, we did most of our Monday night grocery run. Monk fish was on sale (line caught! from the USA!), but Christine found its appearance unappealing. A mix of seafood was decided, so that she could mostly have reliable shrimp and stretch for the monk fish. I broiled them up for dinner and, while i think i over did the shrimp, it was a pleasure for both of us. I think i'll be delighted to cook monk fish again. (I've had it in restaurants before.) Our stove has a divider in it, so we can use only one half of the oven. (Or both halves at different temperatures, but that's a rare need.) When we were at my parents' a few weeks ago, i discovered just how time efficient it is to have the divider in place: their large oven took forever to preheat.

After the grocery run, we picked up Carrie and took her over to my folks' for a run in their pasture.
Dad told a distressing story (not to him) about a cat and a hawk, which is no help in encouraging Christine to try and spend time in his presence.

I slept extra long last night and woke to the sound of the heater running. No, no windows left open over night: the temperature was just above 32°F. I don't suppose the peonies will bloom for another few days after that. Good grief, spring. It's almost May Day!