April 19th, 2018


Meant to post on Wednesday

Christine's in a ... what is the collective noun for migraines? steamroller? A steamroller of migraines? Waking me at 4 am while she's in great pain. She was able to go back to sleep and will hopefully sleep it off before the cleaners arrive. I've just re-read the agreement and have noticed that they do not promise to come on any particular schedule: this may mean we cannot work together. I think they are very used to working in a house with no residents around.

Today promises to be quite warm, and then the week goes back to highs in the mid 60s lows in the mid 30s. I would like to get some more seeds planted. I should probably mow the weeds. The lilac has its first florets open as of yesterday. We almost watched the black walnuts leaf out: poof! a small green pom-pom appears at the end of the branches. All my little buttonbush plants that i abandoned in the unheated greenhouse through the miserable freeze have put forth leaves.

The early azalea is ablaze with the raspberry red blooms. I suspect the midseason azaleas will have at least one flower bud break today.

I'm stunned to see that one of the abused apple trees has blossoms at the end of one branch. These apple trees have nice stout trunks and must have been attractive trees once upon a time. They have been topped: all the nice large branches cut back to the main crotch. The trees have been struggling to replace their photosynthetic infrastructure, with "water sprouts" shooting up from the trunk cuts.
These skinny whip-like branches aren't strong enough to hold any fruit, and i've tried some pruning to improve the situation -- but i never got out the big ladder this past winter. So there, oh, 20 feet in the air, is a cluster of apple blossoms at the very top of a skinny branch. Hrmph. Maybe the trees heard me speculating to Christine that a friend of ours who does wood working would like the trunks. I doubt the trees can ever really be happy again.

Ah, the first mowing along the road by the state!

And the Carolina wrens are definitely nesting in the greenhouse. I am hoping the shelter and safety makes up for the occasional disruption that sends the hen bursting out from the nest. You can't tell she's in there!


Knee celebration!

I banged my left knee really hard almost 8 weeks ago and it's been reacting for weeks. I just spent much more time than i expected at the doctor, with the happy result of a diagnosis of prepatellar bursitis, a recommendation NOT to drain the fluid (which sounded more painful than my knee is currently), and advice to minimize kneeling and not to fall on it again (which was given with acknowledgement that it is pointless advice).

In getting the x-rays to make sure nothing else was going on, the right knee was also imaged. Turns out that knee has a bad fitting knee cap, and i can expect some (more) arthritis there. It was bothering me more a year or so ago, but not so much these days.

So, i might get a little chair for various gardening tasks, but in general, no change of life. Yay! But my excuse not to go to the Saturday morning exercises goes away. Sigh.