April 10th, 2018



I traveled! I'm back. I also worked like mad in the yard yesterday.

I visited:

K-- B--, one of the non family folks i've known the longest, and we had a lovely reconnect after loosing touch for about ten years (he was laid off, i had That Director). I saw his partner M, also known since college-ish, his partner R, whom i've never really gotten to know, and a friend of theirs from Calgary with whom i chatted early internet stuff.

Stevens Creek, which is the same and has changed, and i earned way too many blisters

Los Portales, the Mexican place across the street-ish from where i used to live, and had the Quesadilla del Mare.

Palo Alto Friends Meeting, and waiting worship

S-- J---, who let me know i have been released from PAFM and my new meeting hasn't replied

P-- C---, where we shared stories about our elephants in the room

L-- S---, who as part of catching up introduced me to the book Factor Man

daisydumont, who had cava while i had coffee

D-- P---, who seems way more relaxed in Washington than she did in California

L-- B---, who is far more happy in Washington than in California

D-- P---'s new boy friend R (and a gift of a reiki treatment)

Their friend B-- who has a small farmette, with great worms

Yesterday i Collapse ). Then i walked Carrie by the Haw river, to her great delight, and saw native star chickweed and spring beauty. Then dinner at Moon Asian Bistro (simply steamed veggies and brown rice for me, after a week of other restaurant food) and the groceries.

Happy to be home, Christine found elephants harder to deal with towards the end of the trip. More dogwoods are blooming, and it must be peak redbud. The creeping phlox is looking good, and the green-and-gold has bloomed.

I was not able to keep up while traveling: i hope you all are well!