March 13th, 2018



I carefully inched down our front steps, the wood rail glazed with a bit of ice, a slight slipperiness to the wood steps. "You're going to break your neck," my inner mother predicted. I considered that the back deck was likely all glazed except where i had sprinkled deicer for Carrie. When i reached our brick walk i found it clear, as i expected, and i walked to the end so i coul see a good bit of the sky. Stars were cast around, none of my familiar constellations. To the east a glow to the sky where the thinnest sliver of old moon was rising. A plane began crossing the sky, west to north northeast, silently, and it made it to the opposite pines before a hint of the jet roar reached me from the west. Back in the warm house with my pot of tea, i raise the blinds in the dark bedroom to watch the moon move behind the silhouettes of trees.

Edward sneezes. i think the poor cat has a cold. He didn't beg to be let out at all yesterday.

I think of the cars speeding down the road. It's in the next hour that the black ice will likely form. Hope folks take it easier than those drivers. I can't quite tell by the glimmer of moonlight whether the deck still has the snow on it from yesterday evening's snowfall. When i went out last night under the overcast sky, all i heard was dripping as snow melted from the trees.