March 4th, 2018


The various engagements of my long birthday weekend.

I am guessing time recently was spent:
in transit

There was also some amount of messing with devices.

I took Thursday and Friday (my birthday, a milestone) off work. Thursday was very very wet, and i eventually gave up on gardening and went to the thrift store in town. I found jeans that more or less fit and will be reasonable for yard work. There was a sale on women's tops at dollar each so i just bought what seemed like i might enjoy. I suspect i am going to unpack my summer clothes and roll my eyes; so it goes.

At 3 pm i left for my folks where i rendezvoused with my sister. The four of us left for an oyster bar two hours away. The drive down was in a miserable downpour, and we arrived probably at peak rush instead of just opening. This meant we had a near hour wait for our seat at the eighty three year old horseshoe shaped bar where our personal shucker, Alan, set us up with sauces and incredibly fresh horseradish and then shucked our oysters for us. Alan has been at Sunny Side Oyster Bar for twenty years. This is what my dad and i wanted to do to celebrate our shared birthday, and so we split a peck of steamed oysters from Texas, a pound of shrimp and a pound of scallops.

The oysters struck me as mild and creamy, sort of like an oyster stew.

Then there was the drive home. The skies had cleared, and a bright moon cast shadows in the trees. A herd of deer were hanging out on the main road near my folks', and a possum considered crossing the street at the cul-de-sac where they live. I may have seen another possum on my drive home.

Friday dawned clear, bright, and windy as all get out.

Christine made pecan sour cream waffles for me and gave me my gift from her, a Samsung smart watch. Not a gadget i had wished for -- i thought she would like one, but i didn't really imagine myself with one. We set it up and i put it on. It's huge on my wrist.

I dug violets out of the garden and garden to be area and put in various more ornamental locations. I dug a dark green grass or "lilyturf" out of random locations (including the garden) and planted that under the freeze-burned gardenia. I do hope that it's a native tuft forming grass and not the non-native ornamental lilyturf. Nonetheless, if it defeats the stilt grass, it's my friend.

Christine texted me while i was in the garden and, because i was wearing the watch, i received her missives and could reply. One message noted that we'd lost power. It wasn't a surprise with the wild winds blowing: i found myself watching the swaying pines, towering a hundred feet above me, pondering the distance the tops traveled. It was mesmerizing like watching ocean waves, with the same sense of massive elemental power. I did wonder how safe it was to be out where a branch or tree could fall....

Not the most productive afternoon and, when i was hungry, we decided to go out to lunch in town. Our first route was blocked by the power-killing fallen pine across the road, which explained the vehicular shenanigans i had been aware of while working in the yard. (A semi had backed up some distance which seemed odd.) In town, we ate at the Pittsboro Roadhouse, a place we go less often. I had a salad with fried North Carolina oysters. The oysters had a tangy quality -- metallic? -- that the Texas oysters missed. I watched the restaurant's sign hang at 45 degrees from plumb, supported by the wind. Gusts sent it to 60 and 90 degrees, with an audible wobbling noise that could be heard over the (slightly tedious) singer songwriter soundtrack. We lingered over the meal, and desert. It was a pleasantly spontaneous celebratory meal, ticking the oyster check box.

In the evening we watched High Fidelity, which was more progressive than i remembered, with delightful grounding in the analogue world i grew up in. The phone book! The pay phones! The girlfriend picks up her laptop from the apartment DAYS after walking out! (As well as the vinyl and the mix tapes.)

Well, that's two days of the four, and i am off to meeting.