February 14th, 2018


(no subject)

Went to bed early; woke on time. Christine worked late into the night, so hopefully she's escaped the migraine pattern.

I went out after making tea to look at the predawn sky and listen. Stars! It's clear! I look forward to the sun rise and some daylight. I think the creek that runs behind our house creates a marshy or pond-like area in the large wood lot beside us because i hear frogs from that direction and not from the closer larger branch of the creek.

I fantasize about buying the 75 acre wood lot next to us from the hunting folks. I'd get a nice southern exposure going down to the creek and a long stretch of creek (with wherever the frogs sing) and could eradicate the additional invasive species (vinca, sigh)....

Speaking of invasive species, i found more tree of heaven in the back. I'm hoping pulling saplings out of the soaked ground will be effective -- those seem to have been starting from blown seeds, not an underground network of roots. The first tick from last year was March 10th. Going back in the woods will rapidly become less attractive once those things are about.

I am apparently scared of doing the thing i need to do to create the demo for the presentation, leading to a bit of procrastination. I'll need to get around that shortly.