February 9th, 2018


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Up late last night, in a small part due to enchantment with Carrie's anticipation when she hears one using the youtube channel search function on the TV. After watching Steve Colbert we turned to various Crufts recordings -- the "pastoral" finals where all the different shepherd dogs parade around, and then agility finals (more interesting for Carrie).

I think we are unwinding from the TV showing of the family documentary. I remain a bit on edge, wondering when some unpleasant person will go out of their way to dox us (as it would be fairly easy thanks to the way NC voter data is sprawled across the internet). If anything, though, i think our story remains only seen by folks who go out of their way to find it -- and that would be folks who are sympathetic and not outraged.

Today is forecast clear, and then it looks like a sodden weekend. I'm pondering signing up to track rainfall for CoCoRaHS, the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network. The biggest issue is that they want you to record the rainfall at the same time everyday. This makes sense if it's raining, but ... whine. The rain gauge isn't cheap, but the accuracy looks wonderful. The one i bought last year broke (glass, froze) so i'm game for a new one. I am also pondering the Skywarn training. I was enthusiastic at first because i sit at a window and note the changing light during the day, but it seems one needs better perspectives on clouds. Our tall pines screen much of the sky from me. Then there is feeder watch, which could be interesting. My uptick in interest in citizen science is nice to note.

I have finally got the trail camera working smoothly. I encountered so many issues using it that this first year has been only barely used. But i think i have finally resolved the battery drain and finicky camera card demands, and expect this coming year will be delightfully documented.

Finally, in noting the natural world, at the beginning of this week i saw the first signs of daffodil leaves poking out of the soil. I'm becoming vigilant for ticks, and will get our collection of preserved ticks from last year to find when we first recorded them. (I've seen random advice about preserving ticks just in case one gets sick.)