February 1st, 2018


(no subject)

I respect that working with a real person has its benefits, and Tuesday we spent a small forever working with a banker getting a variety of things set up. It was quite useful, actually, to have her advice.

On the other hand, for her to be forced through the same sort of web site hops that a random person signing up on line would need to fill out.... OY. Tedious.

My boss told me yesterday, "You don’t judge a persons happiness by whether they complain, but rather by when they complain about." I often complain about the myopia of the main office when dealing with the staff who are not located there, and this time was no different. Not sure what that says about my happiness.

But i do complain fairly frequently in my head. The handful of weeks back, when that miraculous happiness suffused me -- the complaints were still there. I am rather convinced that noticing the less than ideal is not the cause of the absence of that miraculous state.

And then there is knowing others' distress. Particularly Christine's. On top of a particular distress born of a rather blunt statement captured in the documentary and the local PBS station's image selection for promoting the documentary which compounded the sense of risk in putting our lives out there for the hateful to see -- migraines.

In gardening news, the top of the green house was 40°+ degrees, the bottom 51° and outside 32° after running the two 100W heating bulbs over night. I probably ought to cover the structure, too, just for the additional insulation. It shouldn't be too much of a bother in the morning & evening to remember. I've a heating mat for under a flat to add, so i should get starts begun ... tonight. Erm, i need to mix up some potting soil.