November 30th, 2017


Fee, fie, fo, fum. I smell the sign of procrastination.

I am thankful for the emotional work Christine is doing. Today is a hard anniversary for her, and i see how she is changing her coping strategies to be even more effective.

It's time for a hair cut. I need to lop off a hand's breadth. I can tell it's time because it's too long to easily contain in a chignon. I am pondering whether i should get a professional looking cut. And potentially coloring. I'm at that blah stage of middle aged natural blonde which is a dull brown with a few "highlights" of grey. I am not excited about going down the road of requiring regular hair care expenses (both time and money), but the fact that work folks only see my face, really ... and a certain sense of wanting to be "read" as professional instead of drudge.... Well, i suppose the question is, first, would i want to get a style and/or coloring if it were instantaneous and free.

The new Mac Skype client is highly annoying.

Slack communities are intriguing to me. I found a Quaker Slack community that the manager says "didn't take off." I'm pondering if i have enough of a network that i might help it move on. The question for myself is what purpose do i think that will serve. I was able to put my Identity Management Professional Slack to good use yesterday

Procrastination ideas:

Create a procrastination bingo board with excuses.
Create a rationalization check list. See
Research what sorts of cognitive distortions lead to procrastination.
Go get something else to drink and eat.

Ooh! My popcorn popped up beautifully! Yay! Home grown Christmas gift!