November 27th, 2017


(no subject)

I was very ready to sit down at my desk all morning. And i think Carrie has appreciated my company in the front room. (It's her equivalent of a crate. Essentially everything you are supposed to do to crate train a dog we inadvertently did with the front room.)

It's day six of the cats' diet.

Yesterday i found the south east pipe marking the corner of our property boundary. I tramped back and forth between it and the south west pipe marker to familiarize myself with the back boundary. I don't think it will work, but i tried orienting dead fall to help. I also put up the purple "no hunting" stripes on the trees. I will, i hope, ease one of Christine's worries. Of course, i was an idiot and was not wearing blaze orange myself. I also trimmed some autumn olive on the eastern boundary and pruned some trees. I fear i found an infestation of Tree of Heaven all surrounded by the stilt grass (and yeah autumn olive). That was disappointing. I do feel inspired this morning to order some sort of wildflower/grass mix from Prairie Moon and try to defeat the stilt grass in that area. It's upstream from the yard and a clear deer trail intersection, so getting rid of the stilt grass on our property in that little meadow spot might be a good first step. I hate thinking about the property next to ours with its autumn olive, stilt grass, periwinkle, and English ivy.

Did i mention the cats are on a diet?