November 6th, 2017


(no subject)

I didn't really notice the "extra" hour yesterday, so i think i took it as sleep. I did notice it getting dark far too early. Fie.

Yard work included: planting three potatoes that had sprouted in the cabinet, tilling up most of a bed and seeding it with greens, then divided some of the "Green and Gold" and "Robin's Plantain" -- both low growing plants in the aster family -- and spread them out some more in the "tapestry lawn" area. I look out and can see the Seminole pumpkin spreading madly everywhere. It's 150 square feet of vine, at least. I'm pondering where i will plant squash next year. It did work quite nicely under the corn, which was the plan, but it's taking far longer than the corn did. It's success in growing over the "lawn" leads me to speculate on a totally different bed for it next year.

I'm jealously looking at the shaded area under two crepe myrtle trees and wondering about veggies *there.* On the other hand, i haven't kept all the beds i have in cultivation, yet, so i shouldn't be too greedy yet.

I'm not doing a very good job getting going this morning. Not sure what that is about. Some function of overcast skies and the time change, although the time change would argue for an earlier start rather than a late.

I'll post this and then do some writing as therapy for the paralysis. I've gone out and picked greens and had an early lunch and i still feel stalled.