November 2nd, 2017


Zotero for the week

Pretty techy/work oriented week. The first two or three may be of more general interest.
  • Card catalogs and the secret history of modernity, Tim Carmody (via twitter)
    • Interesting retrospective in the age of big data.
  • Reading by the Numbers: When Big Data Meets Literature (NYT), Jennifer Schuessler
    • Notes:
      • We know how to read texts,” he wrote in a much-quoted essay included in his book “Distant Reading,” which won the 2014 National Book Critics Circle Award for Criticism. “Now let’s learn how to not read them.”
      • Since 2010, Stanford Literary Lab, which he founded with Matthew Jockers, has issued a string of pamphlets chronicling its research into topics ranging from loudness in the 19th-century novel to the evolving language of World Bank reports.
      • A recent broadside in The Chronicle of Higher Education called “The Digital-Humanities Bust” took a bludgeon to the field’s revolutionary rhetoric,
    • NYT 20110624 What Is Distant Reading?
    • NYT The Book Crunchers
  • Google Search Now Checks Your Local Library For Ebooks
    • Pretty sure library use of linked data behind this. Viva
    • H/T someone on Dreamwidth? I didn't note source.
  • The case against annotations Adam Warski
    • Abstract Annotations were introduced to Java in 2004 and have since enabled a lot of progress and vastly improved the way we write software in the…
    • Read, our authZ  controls are often implemented with annotations
  • Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ) Summer 2011,  Volume 23, Issue 3, Special Topic: Organization and People Identifiers
    • Added to my to-read list for work
  • Working group links added for completeness
  • CASA: Campus Activated Subscriber Access -
    • Added to my to-grok list for work
  • Blockchains for IAM & Introducing ID Pro
    • Presentations attended at Meet up on Thursday. I asked (obnoxious?) block chain questions and was reminded of my intention to join the professional society. The most important thing was talking to someone who i'd been introduced to via work, and finding out he is chair of the advisory council to which i have been nominated. Also, we lingered long enough i got to take all the yummy cheese and fruit home as well as a bottle of wine
  • FIM4R – Federated Identity Management for Research
    • more to grok for work
  • IDPro Mission & Vision
    • Followed through on joining!
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Shorter and shorter days.

Went out on the lake with my dad this morning. It was lovely.

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Well, it was good to have time to talk about our concerns about Mom, but we also delighted in the early morning light as it hit the autumn colors in the trees. We saw fish jump out of the mirror surface of the water. Crows, cormorants, juvenile eagles, grebes, great blue herons, killdeer & kingfishers.

I tried not to dwell on the fact that my camera batteries almost all are shot (except for one that needed to be recharged), thus i was not taking pictures with the camera but with my phone. It was tranquil, and we explored up a narrow reach that felt wonderfully remote. I showed off the GPS attachment to my iPad with the USGS Quad maps: he thought it was the best thing ever. Their iPad is pre-lightning connector, and i didn't see any GPS on eBay for the older iPad connector format. I have half a thought of getting a new ipad for myself, and giving Dad mine and another GPS dongle. Hrm. A new iPad isn't nearly as expensive as i thought. Hmm.

Speaking of expensive, i'd found that there was a setting on the Galaxy note where it would ignore the hardware signal that the pen was put up (caused by putting the stylus in backwards) and it would sense the pen! Hurrah! And then i put the pen up in the little storage area (where i had broken off the "top" by putting it in backwards) and now i can't get it out. Fie. It turns out that styluses for the older model are available for less than ten dollars. I ordered two. I'm back to not wanting a replacement phone for a good while again.

What we really want is a deer fence around a cleared & graded orchard area, as well as a circle for the driveway.