September 6th, 2017



Irma is getting a good bit of my attention. More than she deserves? Perhaps. I'm sure part is that i'm recently returned to where i do not need to have earthquake preparedness as a thought. Yet Irma is Not Insignificant, and my grandmother rode out Andrew in Homestead FL. My dad and brother went down after to help with the recovery and i know how Andrew tore up families in the aftermath of tearing up possessions and the landscape. One acquaintance's parents divorced, and my step-grandfather's family went through some convulsions, indirectly leading to his death (in my family's opinion).

We still talk about how we miss the Florida style avocados. Poorly informed Army Corps of Engineers folks bulldozed the downed trees and burned them -- the trees actually could have been set back up and persisted.

Grandmámá will shelter in place unless told to evacuate. I spent time looking at the evacuation zones in Hillsborough county (near Tampa) where she lives. She's not far from the most severe zone, and predictions are Irma will loose steam and be Cat 3 by the time it gets to Tampa. My sister is in a dither about Grandmámá's choice, but i think it's reasonable. (A well built home, not too much glass, "high"ground, etc.)

Of course, knowing her husband, he wants to stay and guard his hoard from the looting and race war that will erupt in the aftermath. (In the latest episode about my grandmother's husband, last December, when he was hospitalized, we found out that the son he had designated medical power of attorney had declined the responsibility. My uncharitable feelings for him became more entrenched with the confirmation his closer family shared them.)

Anyhow, any more reflection on Irma is just dwelling, at least until updates come out at