June 11th, 2017


Post unposted on Thursday

We have entered yellow squash season. We appear to have enough for dinner every night -- which isn't going to happen. I suppose i finally have an excuse to take veggies to neighbors! Also, apparently baked squash chips are a thing.

--== ∞ ==--

I didn't post that on Wednesday, but we did take potatoes and squash to the friendly couple who greeted us when we moved in. They in turn shared their bounty of green beans. I'm dubious i'm going to have any beans due to deer, so that was a delight.

I was sucked into the Senate testimony Thursday. This composite of the written statement from McSweeneys is delightful, but when i sit back and think about what i've learned i feel a pit of disgust.

First is the visceral understanding of how hierarchical bureaucratic, law enforcement, and military cultures are -- and how harmful cultural ignorance is at the top of that culture. I sense some of the Senators don't necessarily get the cultural challenge, probably from moving around in more of the wheeling-dealing world. But the senators who have been prosecutors seemed to get it. I don't think i could function well in a hierarchical culture: i am far too used to a much more academia informed culture of all folks being heard. I can recognize what complete dedication there is to such a culture too. The pointed questions of why didn't he quit


Mini Vacation!

Thursday my computer was FINALLY ready. We picked it up after work, then picked up subway sandwiches, then sat outside in the remarkably cool night air to watch the Ron Fricke film
Samsara at The Nasher (a contemporary art museum at Duke). WE were home after 11 pm. This is relevant because ...

Friday i woke before dawn to be picked up by my parents at 5 am to take a day trip to the mountains. We had breakfast (eggs and grits swimming in melted margarine) at a rural diner at rural prices, several delightful hikes, a picnic, a waterfall viewing, and a stop for a snack at the Winkler bakery in Old Salem. I was home at 6 pm and worn out.

Yesterday i restored my mac, a mildly annoying process as the laptop has only one port so the battery drains extra fast as it powers the remote drive from which it was both booted and restoring. So, yay. I can slowly begin to get my digital life back. I also spent a great deal of time looking at flower bulbs, very tempted by low prices for 30 calochortus at http://www.bloomingbulb.com/. Thing is, almost all the flowers there are non-native to my area.

Would anyone like to trade gladiolus corms? I have ones that look like Gladiolus 'My Love' Gladiolus x hortulanus except a softer pink.

After running errands with Christine, I went out for the evening with my strangely sweet adverse nephew. We saw a Doors cover band, Mojo Rising, at the a "roadhouse" (an old Esso station converted to a farm to fork restaurant, small local arts and crafts store, and performance venue). It was pretty cool, W was not the youngest person there, but he and i did seem pretty young compared to the majority of attendees. (I am guessing most of the attendees were at least ten years older than i am).

Today has been pretty laid back as i slept in and actually edit photos. We're off to see an Emily Dickinson film shortly.

I'm a little done in by so much relaxing.