July 14th, 2016


High school meme

Um, no, i'm not doing the high school meme Q & A, but others' participation leads me to note that this weekend is the 30th reunion of my high school class. It's Christine's high school class, too. In fact, it is hers so than mine as i only attended the school i graduated from for three semesters. We actually attended the senior prom together. I remember when filling out a "How to stay in touch" card my senior year, i gave Christine's family as a back up address. The person right ahead of me in the alphabet rolled their eyes and indicated how unlikely it would be that it would still be useful. Of course, neither of us foresaw that we would be organizing reunions by email, so, there's that.

I'm not sure i could drive when i graduated. Maybe just? I had taken the driving class at high school #1, with a student driver license from South Carolina. My folks never had time for practicing with me, so it took a long time for me to be delivered to the North Carolina DMV to get another student license. I did what they asked me to, and the NC DMV gave me a full blown license. I was horrified. My parents responded with delight and let me loose on the road in a Chevy Suburban.

It's a miracle no people were harmed. The Suburban took a bit of a beating.

I spent my teen years in books: probably would be more appropriate for me to reread all the Elric of Melniboné books than go to a reunion. We're definitely not going, as Christine and the organizers had a back and forth that ended with her being disgusted at their unwillingness to do anything to raise HB2 issues.

Well, instead, the local Independent weekly has an interview with Christine and her sister this week: http://www.indyweek.com/indyweek/a-transgender-woman-comes-out-and-reshapes-her-north-carolina-family/Content?oid=5050646 So there's THAT.