January 17th, 2016


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That weekend slid by without much resistance. I woke Saturday with some sinus thing, and after putting in a few hours help at the Quarterly Meeting, i was back home, dozing and napping the day away. I slept late this morning too.

Christine's elephants are trampling her down right now. I know she eventually comes out on top, but she's not where she remembers or believes that.

We're moving offices at the end of the month, so things are coming home. The photos of her from my desk have such a lovely smile: it makes me realize how long it's been since i could take her smiles for granted.

There's some grief.

I woke to my parents calling: they had driven out to look at a .6 acre lot near Pittsboro, NC i'd seen on Zillow. It's selling for half the "Land Present-Use Value," with some comment that the house may well be bulldozed. Dad was saying it was worth it just as a cemetery. (Don't ask me: he's got some interest in buying land for his forever after resting place and not investing in a cemetery lot.) They think the brick exterior looks in good shape. One is left with a "what's the catch" sort of feeling.

We did get chores done this weekend, so that's a win.