January 14th, 2016


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Yesterday was a Quaker day - midday Nominating committee meeting, evening Care & Concerns. I attended Nominating because the committee was going to grapple with some of the changes that are being proposed, and as associate clerk i showed up for the other.

We had a somewhat challenging issue brought forward, mixing race, mental health, gender, aging. YOICKS.

I was home lateish for me and was up this morning barely in time for the 9 am Eastern PrivacyCon. Which then started somewhat late. Distance attendance had me more engaged with others than if i had been there in person, thanks to twitter. The twitter space was far more diverse than most twitter conference threads i follow. Ah, diverse politically and indignation wise, that is: there was the guy who was indignant that no non-researcher engineers were presenting research papers, the "any regulation is bad" crowd, the K Street shills pushing their "Privacy Panic" paper every hour, and a bunch of Pro Palestinian (i think?) protesters. Universal snark when the FTC apparently sent an email to 900 people, with all the email in the To: field. The FTC speaker apologized first thing.

Listening (when the stream wasn't stuttering) and reading privacy papers all day, particularly without my usual slow transition from sleep to engagement, has me all brain-full.

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Meanwhile, Christine is getting the truck smogged and the title for the truck straightened out. Our mechanic had NOT smogged it and she's quite cranky about it. Hrm, looks like it is the seller's responsibility: https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/?1dmy&urile=wcm:path:/dmv_content_en/dmv/vr/smogfaq#BM2537 .

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I had about a half hour in the car yesterday to listen to Seveneves, thanks to the committee meeting. I'm not sure i can buy the seven races narrative: just because your family has a grudge against another family rarely seems to create a barrier to the next generation's inclination towards procreation. (Apparently geneticists don't buy it either). I don't spend that much time listening -- one to three hours a week, i suppose, given my variable number of days with a commute. I've three unspent Audible credits and other un-listened to books.