December 22nd, 2015


(no subject)

Yesterday i experimented with surface design. I photographed a
collection of redwood ... needles? -- and cones and then started
abstracting them from the image. I'd shot on some fleece that is close
to "key" green but that wasn't much help (except it was very different
than any of the colors i was trying to keep).

I have so many more needle and cones to cut out, and it takes quite a
while. I don't know if it's better to take what i have and go experiment
with doing the surface design... and i don't know why i am experimenting
with surface design any how other than general fascinating with the
challenge of creating seamless repeats. I suppose i am interested in the
sense that i am interested in finding some outlet for my botanical
photographs that isn't just prints.

Yesterday also laundry and buttermints for Yuletide gifts. Back to work