November 1st, 2015


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I finished the audio book version of Sorcerer to the Crown last night. The Regency magic politics is charming and delightful. The main characters each have a quality of otherness that both drives the tension of the narrative as well as deepens the experience. The author describes one of the characters as "not particularly nice," and i initially bristle. Yet, when i look at my bristling i realize that this is Zen's point: when women aren't "nice" there is a price they pay -- but good heavens, we all know that "nice" is a trap.

Slipped into myself there for a moment.


Last night in the baylands. I'd been captivated by the way the Russian Thistle caught the fading light the night before, so we went out again to get the shot.

I gave it a try at least.

I've been very aware of the holiday, taking it in my contemplative stride. Very little of the candy and tricksters entered into our weekend.

Baseball, though. We have the MLB subscription and are watching the games the next day. We seem to miraculously be missing the scores and are enjoying just as much as if we were watching live. More so, actually: watching when we want to and being able to pause is pleasant. I should admit, Christine is mainly watching, and i'm present while it plays.