October 8th, 2015


Looking ahead

As a person of decidedly heretical (whether pagan or Christian; theist, deist or agnostic ) spiritual leadings general Advent readings don't appeal to me.

So, do you know an Advent meditation/reading/exercise that you think would appeal, in whole or in part to me?

Right now i'm thinking i'm going to have to create my own. (I suppose searching for quotations appropriate to meditations is similar to waiting....)

I recall one year i journaled in a booklet i made with pages marked with labyrinths. I could add that....

Thanks for any pointers


Science Fiction Writing Contest (Climate Change)

Thinking about Nanwrimo? But not up to a full novel?

"write a story in fewer than 5000 words set in a pos­sible future shaped by cli­mate change. ... Kim Stanley Robinson will be judging entries with the grand-prize win­ner get­ting $1,000. "


Dead­line is January 15, 2016