September 23rd, 2015


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Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Everyone-Who-Has-Ever-Had-a-Birthday-Whenever-it-Was
Happy Birthday to you!

An important piece of our culture has been liberated! Huzzah!

Here's hoping for reasonable copyright lifetimes so creators can benefit, and, if their creation becomes part of the culture's myths and rituals, the creation is free for the culture in a reasonable time.


Morning Reading

"Volunteer Rent Control Program"???

For now, political leaders and landlords have both signaled interest for some kind of volunteer rent-control program as a possible solution. In what he dubbed a "fair rental practices program," Kasperzak explained that landlords could volunteer to adhere to set of standards and rent limits in exchange for promotion and perhaps other incentives from the city. The city could highlight landlords who participate in the program, he said, and perhaps expose those who decline to follow those standards. He hoped to present the idea to the council at the Oct. 6 meeting.

Christine says, after i reread the 'highlight' statement, "The city can barely run its own website."